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Dell Technologies unveil intelligent PCs as employees return to work

  • Dell Technologies expands its AI-powered software suite, Dell Optimizer, to drive greater collaboration, privacy, and connectivity.
  • New sustainable materials across more products and packaging designed to help reduce environmental impact
  • Dell Technologies was able to have a better signal on the supply chain as they have had deep partnerships throughout the years that have helped them navigate. 

When it comes to work, the laptop is an essential device no matter where an employee works. Be it full-time in the office, remotely, or hybrid, each employee would normally have a laptop designated to them. In some industries, the employee would have a designated desktop to work on.

As the world slowly returns to normality, many employees are also now finding themselves having to return to the office to work. Upon returning to the office, most of them would require their desktops to be updated, especially with some employees working out of the office for nearly two years. Even those with laptops would be hoping to have upgrades to cater to their modern working requirements.

As such, Dell Technologies recently unveiled a new portfolio of intelligent PCs, accessories, software, and services to help solidify the future of hybrid work.

“Work today is no longer anchored to a single place and moment in time. Employees’ need for flexibility has increased tremendously since the pandemic; thus we need tools that effectively facilitate a seamless transition between the home and the office. With productivity as a priority, our latest commercial portfolio continues to put collaboration, intelligence, and security at the forefront, with increased investments that meet the diverse needs of people today and in the future,” said Andy Sim, vice president & managing director, Singapore at Dell Technologies.

According to research from Dell Technologies, access to internal company resources, as well as productivity equipment and tools are some of the most important factors for employees during remote working, with productivity equipment and tools consistently ranked in the top three most important factors across all age groups.

The latest Dell commercial portfolio aims to help IT teams deploy the best tools for the job. Greater intelligence for an enhanced hybrid work style. At the forefront of Dell’s commercial portfolio sits Dell Optimizer, an integrated artificial intelligence software suite that powers Dell’s intelligent PCs with built-in AI – driving a more collaborative and personalized experience. New capabilities advance today’s hybrid workforce as people work from multiple locations, face increasing privacy risks, and combat interruptions.

For Chuck Whitten, Co-Chief Operating Officer at Dell Technologies the PC market may moderate in 2023 after becoming an essential part of society for both business and personal uses. With the usage momentum driving sales, Whitten believes there is a huge demand for newer and better PCs to drive the user experience. He also said that Windows 11 is driving a refresh in the industry, especially with employees returning to the office to work.

While there are concerns about the supply chain, especially with logistics and chip shortages affecting most industries, Whitten pointed out that although Dell Technologies has performed well, they are not immune to supply chain challenges.

Whittle added that Dell Technologies was able to have a better signal on the supply chain as they have had deep partnerships throughout the years that have helped them navigate. As the largest go-to-market structure in technology, they have a better view of the customers but believe that the industry is still challenging with supply chain problems least likely to end anytime soon.

At the same time, Amit Midha, President, Asia Pacific & Japan for Global Digital Cities at Dell Technologies, commented that Dell Technologies is making the journey seamless for organizations in their workplace transformation journey.