The APAC’s NGINX SPRINT 2.1 (virtual): Reserve Your Place Now

Depending on who you ask, NGINX probably serves around a third of the world’s websites and a larger proportion of the 10,000 most popular sites in pure traffic terms. But from its early days as a Linux-first web server, and since its acquisition by F5 Networks, NGINX has become the platform to use when starting up today’s modern applications – whether you’re using containers and K8s, need granular yet light-speed API mediation, app management, app security, data caching, or load balancing.

Now, for the first time, you can join the APAC-specific NGINX virtual conference, SPRINT 2.1, an extension of the NGINX Global SPRINT 2.0 (also available on-demand here). Selected content for SPRINT 2.1 is in English, Japanese, and Chinese, and so will give the broadest range of engineers, SR specialists, DevOps, and infrastructure specialists opportunities to deepen their knowledge about the full capabilities of NGINX in its OSS (open source) and PLUS guises. Join your fellow IT professional attendees to hear keynotes, take part (or just listen) in to technical breakouts, and get hands-on training — with plenty of content available in local languages.

From the outset, you’ll hear first-hand case studies about using NGINX to replace legacy hardware, how NGINX Plus aids massive and elastic scalability, the key differences between the OSS and NGINX Plus  offerings, and — of critical importance to many enterprise users — why NGINX is continuing and increasing its ongoing support to the open-source community with a re-emphasised commitment to upstreaming innovation and several other community-focused practices.

NGINX has always been about speed, openness, configurability, and security, and the ethos of the platform continues across its expanded (and expanding) range of capabilities. Whether you use a single NGINX instance as a reverse proxy in your home lab, or have deployed it at a huge scale in enterprise settings, the APAC-centric SPRINT 2.1 is your opportunity to expand your knowledge, increase your skills, and learn about the value-adds of NGINX Plus.

You can learn about best practice, NGINX Service Mesh, the best ways to deploy container fleets with NGINX, and plenty more besides. Join your fellow professionals online for this all-virtual half-day conference-come-training opportunity, December 7 and 8, 2021: register here.

The speaker and session-leader roll call read like a who’s who in IT today: systems designers, CTOs, product leads from NGINX, security experts, and, of course, Tech Wire Asia‘s very own Joe Green (in a fireside-style chat with Rob Whitely [NGINX], Sumit Malhorta [Times Internet] and Burzin Engineer [PhonePe]).

Sign up to reserve your place, and block out your calendar for the duration, December 7 and 8, 2021.