Connectivity and the future of APIs

Connecting instances of software and hardware is a critical part of technology’s continuing value. The possibilities, however, are just about endless, Uri Sarid, CTO of MuleSoft tells us.

24 April 2020 . 00:22:19

Show Notes for Series 01 Episode 05

The application programming interface (that’s API, acronym fans) is what’s allowing breaking down of monolithic programmed structures, and making DevOps a nicer place for microservices.

But what happens if we extend the API concept out further? In time, Uri tells us, we’ll see customer- or user-focused technology interactions, not ones that are dictated by app vendors, private companies or large organizations.

From meeting Tim Berners-Lee, via the first dot com bubble, to the future of integration, the CTO of MuleSoft talks about his vision for the future and the overall philosophy of APIs and interconnectivity.

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