Decision Intelligence is machine learning for business

Can artificial intelligence work faster in business settings? Decision Intelligence is said to be the answer: where ML meets BI.

8 November 2022 . 00:20:41

Show Notes for Series 03 Episode 21

The next generation of AI in the workplace is decision intelligence: the practical application of machine language in commercial settings. Applying AI in the workplace has, to date, being a slow process and one that involves a lot of resources. But that’s all about to change.

Peak AI is the company that’s driving decision intelligence in organizations, turning the typical 18 month wait between query and results into a matter of weeks or even days. Plus, there’s no need to hire more data scientists and invest in ranks of super-expensive graphics processors.

The Peak AI offering is cloud-based, and while no ML solution is plug-and-play and operate-able by anyone, Peak AI’s platform takes away the heavy lifting that’s usually placed on data teams. In addition, it actively reduces the gap between the data science function (who may know little about business strategy) and pure-play business functions (who, in turn, know little about data analysis).

Peak AI’s Decision Intelligence Index is drawn from its most recent survey of thousands of businesses that have begun an AI journey. We discuss the Index, the state of ML in the enterprise, and best ways forward to turn the “new oil” that’s data into insights that will have positive impacts in the workplace.

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