Testing business resilience in 2021 with Interactive

Hybrid working, business continuity, resilience, cybersec and DR: we talk about keeping the show on the road, with Interactive.

19 July 2021 . 00:20:08

Show Notes for Series 02 Episode 23

This podcast is produced in conjunction with Interactive

“Hybrid work is here to stay.” So says Brett Wilson, Chief Operating Officer – Infrastructure & Risk at Interactive, an Australian company specialising in remote working, business continuity, protection, and general operational resilience.

In this podcast, host Joe Green talks to Brett about how the shape of work is changing, how it’s changed since the pandemic outbreak, and what form it will end up in when (or if) things settle down. The age of the single CBD office may well be at an end, with companies opening smaller, branch offices and combining their use with home working models. Will that situation change, and will it matter?

We also touch on business continuity (BC) and the way the idea of a “spare office” — the traditional BC facility — has changed beyond all recognition in the last two years. It’s not a space largely empty except for a pile of last year’s computers anymore; the buzz now is about operational resilience — after all, we’ve all been testing business continuity facilities by working from home for the last 18 months.

Operational Resilience feeds us neatly into talk about disasters in the sense of Disaster Recovery, a concept that’s also changed in the last couple of years. Disaster Recovery is more about IT security than flood protection measures, but the facilities of Disaster Recovery as provided by Interactive are also highly effective in the event of hack attack.

Brett shares his 20+ years of experience in this industry and gives every business owner and manager clear direction about how to think about keeping the show on the road in 2021 and beyond. Essential listening.

Planning for the Post-Pandemic Workspace.

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