Matching vision with software: Care Matched

What’s needed to get a new platform up and running? Determination, hard work, a little cash and a sprinkling of luck. We talk to UK startup, Care Matched.

8 February 2022 . 00:20:17

Show Notes for Series 03 Episode 02

In this episode we talk to the brains behind Care Matched, a UK company that helps domiciliary carers (AKA home help) be matched to those that need their services, with an emphasis on giving full respect to cultural, religious and language preferences.

Maaha Suleiman is a young British entrepreneur who saw the need for just such a service, and who designed an mobile app and web-based back end to run it all. Drawing from her own and her family’s direct experience with the care sector, Maaha has – with a little help and a lot of hard work – created an instance of technology that is designed to do some good in the world.

We talk to Maaha about funding, angel investors, support from local government and funding bodies, and some of the pitfalls of getting a project up and running, from conception to beta to full production. It’s a story that makes it sounds simple, but actually involves months and months of tireless work by this young British businesswoman.

You can learn more about Care Matched here on the company’s website:
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