The network’s new shape in 2021, with Cisco Secure

In this episode, we’re joined by Kerry Singleton of Cisco to talk about protecting yourself, your family, and your organization.

16 December 2020 . 00:13:01

Show Notes for Series 02 Episode 12

This podcast is produced in conjunction with Cisco

Cybercriminals never let up. Even schools and hospitals remained targets at the height of the coronavirus pandemic. For most people, working at home was the reality of their year, and as Kerry confirms, most organizations will be adopting a much more generous working-from-home stance from 2021.

There are practical pointers in this episode on how to stay safe and some home truths (literally) too about the reality of mixing home and work lives online.

No one solution answers all the questions when it comes to cyberattacks, but with an integrated approach, you can cover all the bases. The problems come from when teams have to co-ordinate all the moving parts across what are now hugely-distributed networks.

Educating everyone about online cyber hygiene is of enormous importance too, as many of us have probably fallen prey to having clicked phishing links in the past. As our home and work lives continue to converge, how do we ensure we are not putting ourselves and our companies at risk?

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