The view from the top of DocuSign

Talking about transitioning from the original concept of the paperless office, to the contract and agreement cloud, with Kirsten Wolberg, CTO, DocuSign.

11 June 2020 . 00:30:11

Show Notes for Series 01 Episode 09

What’s the view from the top of a digital-first company? In this episode of the Tech Means Business podcast, we’re joined by Kirsten Wolberg, the CTO of DocuSign, whose stellar career included spells at PayPal and Salesforce.

Having lived and worked through the first dot-com bubble, Kirsten gives us her unique insights into how the technology services that businesses rely on have transitioned over the years, with a customer-first approach now dominant.

And speaking of transitioning, we ask about the steering of DocuSign from its initial position of “the digital signature people” to its current agreement cloud offerings. “Agreement management” sounds very niche, but in fact, businesses’ activities are dominated by agreements & contracts, numbering in their thousands.

Collaborating on agreements in a single space pulls in every business function, from HR to Finance, Operations and back again, and yes, there’s even an eSignature or two involved!

Here’s the DocuSign take:


And just for the complete-ests’ sake, the eSignature info:


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