The SME and the SAP Business One Difference

German multinational provider of ERP software, SAP, has a specialist platform for the SME. We talk to user, reseller and supplier.

9 July 2021 . 00:18:23

Show Notes for Series 02 Episode 22

This podcast is produced in conjunction with SAP

Many of the world’s enterprise-scale businesses and organizations run on software from SAP. The company produces one of the best-known ERP (enterprise resource planning) solutions today, where smart software helps companies with every aspect of their operations, from accounts, HR, operations, business intelligence, marketing, to sales and so much more.

In great news for smaller businesses, SAP Business One is a suite of products designed specifically for the SME. Out of the box, it covers off all the basics of running a company, automating mundane tasks, gathering key real-time data, speeding up business processes, and feeding back in real-time to managers and business owners.

For companies looking to grow, SAP Business One is the one-stop shop for enterprise-grade software that’s laden with power and capacity but comes with a small business price tag.

Of course, as a smaller organization grows, so too can the software helping power it — the Business One suite is fully compatible with its big brother, and the platform’s modular approach means companies can add advanced capabilities that provide more functionality as and when the business demands it.

In this episode of Tech Means Business, we spoke to Shuddhatm Chaturvedi, the Founder & Managing Director at Zelorra, an online retail company that’s seen a remarkable positive change from using SAP Business One — even in the difficult last two years.

We get the lowdown on the range of capabilities of the platform from Ketan Jain of Uneecops, the SAP reseller and partner whose SAP Business One Starter Pack has helped dozens of companies move from startup to big time.

We were also joined by Head of SAP Business One & SAP Business ByDesign for the Indian subcontinent, Mitesh Gandhi, to talk about the company’s commitment to all sizes and types of business and how SAP is the platform that can adapt and support as a business takes on new challenges, including — but not exclusively — digital transformation.

To learn more about SAP Business One, click through here: https://www.sap.com/uk/products/business-one.html

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