Value the brand? Value the contact center!

The customer experience and the employer experience come together in the brand’s contact center, where customers are greeted and interacted with in the best possible ways. We talk to CIRRUS’ Jason Roos about maintaining the best balance.

11 July 2023 . 00:33:37

Show Notes for Series 03 Episode 44

Voice technologies are improving rapidly and manner companies are using artificial intelligence algorithms to change the ways they interact with their customers.

Our guest on the Tech Means Business podcast, Jason Roos, is no stranger to the concept of tech in contact centers, but unlike many, he’s a savvy commentator and protagonist in this space. In this episode, we talk about AI, sentiment analysis, and the employee experience of the contact center worker in a post-COVID working environment.

The customer experience is practically defined by the ways that the brand’s contact center works, so getting this part of the business’s workings absolutely right is critical in converting prospects and customers into brand advocates.

CIRRUS (Jason’s company – he’s the CEO) can help and contact center add more ‘channels’, but Jason insists there’s so, so much more to running a decent CX operation than that.

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