Bridging the pay gap with data and know-how: ADP in Australia

Addressing the gender pay gap in Australia begins with a little data analysis, says Kylie Baullo from ADP. Discover the technology solutions for engendering equality in the workplace.

16 January 2024 . 00:22:25

Show Notes for Series 03 Episode 53
This podcast is produced in conjunction with ADP.

The gender pay gap is an issue that saddles organisations with significant problems. Most obviously, those on the wrong side of the disparity will feel it most, but as our guest on this episode of Tech Means Business explains, it’s significantly disadvantageous for companies to perpetuate the injustice.

Kylie Baullo is General Manager and Managing Director in Australia for ADP, the world’s leading provider of HCM (human capital management) and HR solutions. We discuss how, by looking at data from payroll and across HR, companies can begin or continue their journey in lowering the gap between what men and women are paid.

Attracting and retaining skilled staff is a massive challenge for every Australian employer, and by proving they’re taking positive action on pay, they’ll attract and retain key employees.

Taking a consultative and data-driven approach, ADP is helping its clients address the heart of the pay gap issue, firstly by surfacing the relevant data, and then taking proactive measures to turn the workplace into a much better place to work and earn.

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