Tracking without prejudice: IIoT on the shop floor

Manufacturing, engineering and retail: the internet of things (IoT) is pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in some areas, while not taking off in others. This episode talks to WISER Systems about its tracking solution; a perfect example of effective IoT.

13 October 2020 . 00:31:31

Show Notes for Series 02 Episode 08

Imagine a 3D model of your industrial facility with objects (or people, controversially) tracked in real time. Perfect for manufacturers, engineering companies, warehouses and anywhere where it’s good to know where stuff is.

Our guest is Logan Maxwell of WISER Systems, who’s at the sharp end of putting this type of cutting edge tech into places that would make a desktop PC or average laptop quake in its virtual boots.

Logan talks about his specific company’s products, but also about perceptions of IoT in general, different ways people try to use the technology, and some use cases that are not quite always benign!

Off the back of a career-ette in start-up manufacturing himself, he’s been with WISER from the beginning, watching it grow from his old professor’s pet project into a thriving business that’s convincing many hardened industry types.

We also touch on how to get positive messages over about technology, and how best to assure people that they’re not going to be replaced by robots if they dare to go to the bathroom too often at work.

Logan’s company, WISER’s website is here:

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