Design, Code, Deploy: building apps with OutSystems low-code platform

The developer’s role is changing, as too is the developer themselves, with new tools like AI code-buddies and no-code making more possible, faster.

4 October 2022 . 00:19:18

Show Notes for Series 03 Episode 17

This podcast is produced in conjunction with OutSystems.

The big talk in enterprise software development circles is around low-code taking some of the hard work out of the development process. But there are solutions out there that are for both “citizen” and “traditional” developers. OutSystems has evolved that paradigm with high-performance low-code.

Our Tech Means Business podcast guest is Richard Davies, the Director of Digital Transformation for the APAC region. Richard is a stalwart of enterprise-scale software development and someone whose experience informs his role, advising and helping multinational companies craft production-ready apps in record time.

We talk about partnerships between development functions and other stakeholders and how high-performance low-code is the obvious evolution of Agile methodology, where producing an MVP (minimum viable product) takes a fraction of the time, thanks to (relatively) simple application development tools.

While “Harry from Accounts” may not yet be able to create an ERP in a week, those days may not be too far off. But for now, Richard throws down the gauntlet: attend one of OutSystems’ one-day boot camps where you can “build an app in a day” or, try the platform for free in your own time. Put your battered O’Reilly volumes back on the shelf!

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