Why Unified Observability is imperative for quality user experiences

Correlating network activity and customer experience is the next logical step for businesses looking to out-shine the competition.

6 September 2022 . 00:26:02

Show Notes for Series 03 Episode 09

This podcast is produced in conjunction with Riverbed Technology.

When people build digital infrastructure, the added monitoring capabilities often can’t correlate network or application activity and any customer experience or end-user problems. As today’s guest, Brian Gormley (Senior Manager, Solution Engineering for Riverbed Technology), says, it should be “all about putting a lens on exactly what users are seeing and experiencing.”

Equating user experience with what’s going on throughout the stack is especially important today. A “spinning cartwheel of death” or an unresponsive app for just a few seconds is enough to make users switch to an alternative. And the issues that cause poor CX are usually a combination of internal and external factors rather than a piece of hardware or software that’s misfiring.

Then, there’s the issue of prioritization. Once you’ve pinned down the problematic elements in the stack, which to address first?

The Alluvio IQ platform from Riverbed ticks all the boxes. It locates problems, cross-references the end-user impact points, and shows how your organization’s end-user experiences stack up against your competition. It’s a business-oriented cloud platform that brings network insights to a new level, where strategy and end-user experiences inform your team’s decisions.

You can read all about the Alluvio IQ platform and the value Riverbed Technology can bring to your business operations by following this link.

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