Meeting challenges in logistics: automation and systems, part two

Part two of our European supply chain series. When Operations Managers look for savings, where to begin the automation journey? We talk robots and much more with Dematic.

14 September 2022 . 00:10;28

Show Notes for Series 03 Episode 13

This podcast is produced in conjunction with Dematic.

Welcome back to part two of this podcast series, in which we’re talking all things automation for supply chain, logistics, warehousing and distribution distribution companies.

In a double-bill of podcasts, the Tech Means Business podcast talks to a company specializing in automating digital and physical systems in this sector. Dematic provides the type of 360-degree examination and refinement of systems that can make the difference between capitalizing on potential growth and struggling to compete with more efficient companies.

The Nordic team at Dematic knows their market inside out and brings their experience and ability to bear on the specific challenges faced by supply chain companies in the region and further afield. Whether robotizing the warehouse floor or re-assessing digital systems that underpin operations, the Dematic experts can craft bespoke solutions for large and small companies. The difference between their approach and others vying for the attention of operations managers is a business focus – where strategy, methodology, and opportunity are all considered before any suggestion for improvement is made.

Our guests are Anders Poulson and Finn Biller from Dematic, who are the Nordic Sales Manager and Brand Ambassador for the company, respectively.

And don’t forget to comb your podcast feed for the first part of this conversation if you missed it.

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