Talking, listening and transforming: Conversational AI by Nuance

In this episode of the Tech Means Business podcast, we talk about conversational AI, the logical next step to the pioneering technology of voice recognition and speech to text.

11 November 2020 . 00:25:17

Show Notes for Series 02 Episode 10

This podcast is produced in conjunction with Nuance Communications.
Nuance Communications is on a mission to put the human voice at the heart of every organization! Forget what you think you know about voice assistants and those hopelessly dumb ‘bots you run into when you call into some companies. Nuance is a company that pretty much invented voice recognition and voice-to-text back in the days when such tech was so new and amazing it was like magic to mere mortals!

Technology never stands still, and the field of voice tech is no exception. How can voice combine with proven AI techniques to help businesses in 2020 and beyond? The answer comes in the form of conversational AI, the closest thing to a truly proactive virtual chat you’ll get, useful in many different areas of the enterprise, from the help desk to the call center and further afield.

In this Tech Means Business podcast, we talk to Robert Schwarz of Nuance Communications (Managing Director, Enterprise & Mobile ANZ) about how voice technologies and smart, conversational AI have multiple uses in any business, like voiceprint recognition, voice-to-big-data, smart real-time help for any professional, and even prevention of large-scale fraud.

The host of the show, Joe Green, recounts his own use of Dragon Dictate and asks how Nuance Communications has transformed its technology and its platform’s functional areas, where voice assistance (and assistants) makes critical differences to customer experience, safety, and ease-of-use.

As ever, there was on the day too much to talk about, but the podcast will let you see some of the possibilities conversational AI offers and will, we hope, inspire your own voice-centric journey.

– Voiceprint as part of 2FA or MFA (multi-factor authentication).
– Interactive voice recognition that can respond intelligently when calls go “off-script.”
– Omnichannel call center operations that help customers and agents alike.
– Mapping out conversations and strategies to drive customer satisfaction.
– Smart assistants that help specialists (like physicians or IT support staff) in real-time.

Nuance is pushing the boundaries of the technology it helped invent and is still driving the possibilities in multiple verticals. Find out how, who, where, what and how.

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