Integrated comms are smart comms: RingCentral

Whether it’s customer-facing or internal, getting the “omni” into omnichannel communications is what creates decent CX.

6 May 2022 . 00:19:57

Show Notes for Series 03 Episode 04

This podcast is produced in association with RingCentral.

When customers pick up the phone or tap out a message, companies on the receiving end need to hear and read those messages in the right order, in one place. That’s omnichannel communications; the mainstay of the contact center, customer care department, and the inbound sales division.

But how many times have we all contacted brands and organizations to be told to repeat details as we’re passed from pillar to post? Frustration and annoyance don’t make for the type of customer experiences modern companies want to create, and RingCentral is the platform that many use to create fantastic experiences for staff, customers, partners, and customers-to-be.

Methods and preferences for communications change by geography, by demographic, and by the whims of fashion, so which channels should companies concentrate on? We ask these questions, and plenty more besides of Julien Rio, the CCXP of RingCentral. We talk about getting CX right, not just for customers, but for internal comms too, and how companies can develop better communications strategies.

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