Marketplaces and Matters of Trust

With Eran Tal from Payoneer, a podcast about the web of trust needed in marketplaces online, and how it’s created through tech.

13 January 2023 . 00:25:36

Show Notes for Series 03 Episode 25
This podcast is produced in conjunction with Payoneer

Making a few purchases on an online marketplace site seems simple: a few clicks here and there, a payment card, and then sit back and wait for delivery. But under the hood, the complexity is astounding.

Marketplace operators not only have to send and receive funds in multiple currencies, but they also have to do it quickly, and they need to do it reliably. It’s that surety that keeps good vendors engaged with a marketplace and customers coming back, time and again.

So a payment gateway in this context is much more than a means of moving monies between different currencies. Keeping the fly-by-night characters out of the ecosystem and ensuring swift and reliable money transfers are the tasks of our guests today, Payoneer.

It’s a name behind many gig economy sites, retail marketplaces, and online entities disrupting and changing markets worldwide.

The company behind this business model has to establish trust among the disparate players: customers have to trust the site, and sellers need to establish trust in the integrity of their customers. The basis of all this is reliable, fast, and secure systems that give value to all participants.

Our guest from Payoneer is Eran Tal, the Enterprise Sales Director EMEA. We talk about new business models created by smart tech, how monies can be moved quicker than the oddly-named SWIFT system, and why a banking presence on the ground solves 80% of finance problems when trading internationally at scale.

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