The internet is out of (your) control

Website at a crawl? It may not be down to anything you’ve done wrong, we learn.

26 August 2020 . 00:27:47

Show Notes for Series 02 Episode 04

Every time you connect to the internet (you’re probably connected in several ways simultaneously right now), are you aware of the intricacies of what’s actually happening in terms of data moving across the worldwide networks? Most people aren’t, and that’s where Thousand Eyes comes in. It’s a company whose technology can tell you exactly what’s happening, where, and creates (literally) a picture of internet health.

There’s more to it, of course, than pretty illustrations of traffic flows. For instance, if the app you’ve lovingly crafted or website you’ve spent months designing starts running slowly, or even grinds to a standstill, how do you pinpoint the problem? There’s so much outside of our control, many problems exist “out there” and, in many cases, there’s nothing we can do about it. In fact, we can’t even pinpoint where the issue might lie.

At least, we couldn’t until the people at Thousand Eyes gave us that ability. Their technical chops were recognized a while back by a certain Cisco Systems, who completed their acquisition of Thousand Eyes at the beginning of August 2020, in a deal rumored to be worth in the region of one billion dollars.

With knowledge comes power, and armed with the knowledge of where your organization might be providing a third-rate customer experience, you can do something positive about it: change to a more local CDN, invest in your streaming technologies, or start replicating services to better connected hubs. So, before you fire the CIO, listen to this episode of the Tech Means Business podcast, where Yogi Chandiramani (VP Solutions Engineering, EMEA at Thousand Eyes) will let you know what the practicalities are of today’s internet.

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