Safer digital public services in focus

With the economic downturn putting pressure on public services by users, the challenges to cybersecurity teams working in the sector are ramped up. We talk to Wipro about how IT can respond and provide open yet secure services.

11 May 2023 . 00:21:32

Show Notes for Series 03 Episode 35
This podcast is produced in conjunction with Wipro.

The economic downturn is turning the screws on public sector funding right across the world. In the UK and Ireland that’s no different, with smaller budgets, a demand for more open, easily accessible services and, of course, the expectation that everything is to be delivered safely.

Many government departments, authorities and taxpayer funded organisations look to outsourcing ‘non-core or enabling functions’ as a way of focusing on delivering the best core value to citizens.

There are particular constraints on the public sector in the UK & Ireland in terms of data sharing inside the auspices of the legal & regulatory requirements, plus a need to offer services down as many routes as possible to a very broad demographic.

On today’s episode of the Tech Means Business podcast, Joe Green talks to two representatives from Wipro, a global multinational service provider, about some of these challenges and possible ways to approach cybersecurity service delivery in the public sector. Our guests talk about risk, cybersecurity education, and budgetary difficulties facing the sector, and bring their expertise to bear on this complex area.

Learn more about Wipro’s work in the public sector and cybersecurity here:

Hitesh Bansal, Country Head (UK & Ireland), Cybersecurity & Risk Services is here:

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