The Public Sector Search for Value in the Cloud

At a time when the public sector is facing reduced income, the cloud offers significant value-for-money for cash-strapped IT departments. We talk to Wipro about how it’s empowering the sector through its broad portfolio of services.

31 January 2023 . 00:32:22

Show Notes for Series 03 Episode 27
This podcast is produced in conjunction with Wipro.

With public spending cuts and a greater awareness of obtaining best value for money, the public sector has to get the best possible value it can from its IT provision. The answer may be, to some degree at least, making more use of cloud technologies.

But it’s not as simple as a lift-and-shift process for IT leaders in the sector. There are multiple considerations: data integrity, security, governance, cross-platform compatibility, and above all else, value for the tax-payer.

In this podcast we talk to global IT partner and service provider, Wipro, about how it is helping the public sector realise full value from its cloud acquisitions and how its consultative and partnership-based approach is helping organisations provide world-class services to their users.

Hyperscalers may talk big and are recognised as de facto players, but are they always the best choice? And is the cloud the right answer to every situation facing the sector? We explore the issues and possible solutions with Anurag Aren (Director, Cloud Advisory Services, Europe) and David Asfaha (Managing Consultant) at Wipro, UK.

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