Open-source specific in Asia-Pacific

Red Hat is making new friends all over, like in the financial sector in the APAC. We talk open methodologies with Ben Henshall.

29 September 2020 . 00:33:53

Show Notes for Series 02 Episode 06

We just can’t get enough Red Hat! After talking to Stefanie Chiras in S02 E01, we turn again to what’s now the core of IBM, the open-source juggernaut of RHEL and chums – here represented by Ben Henshall, General Manager for the Southeast Asia market.

The financial institutions of the area just about define conservatism, but Red Hat and open-source are changing the face of the industry: open, interoperable, fast, safe & secure, the solutions Red Hat is offering just wouldn’t be available in the proprietary world.

We also talk about Asia’s Generation Z, the expectation that stuff “just works”, and how China may not be the massive influence we in the West sometimes think it might be.

An Australian by birth, Ben’s lived in Singapore for 94 years – those are dog/cat/IT years, by the way – and spent most of that time at Red Hat. Listen out for the insights!

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