Shopping around for cybersecurity partnerships

Security in retail used to be about store detectives and catching shoplifters. Now, criminals are online, and e-commerce needs very specific types of protection from bad actors. We talk to service provider Wipro.

11 May 2023 . 20:13

Show Notes for Series 03 Episode 36
This podcast is produced in conjunction with Wipro.

The last time we talked to Wipro about retail, we were looking at some of the challenges facing companies as they transitioned their IT stack to the cloud. In this episode of the Tech Means Business podcast we look at cybersecurity in the retail space, and how outsourcing helps companies find compliant, scalable and safe ways to operate.

To attackers, every retailer and its assets (brick and mortar or virtual) are just IP addresses. So, what are the specific security issues facing the sector that, more than most, defines “edge computing” (or “many shops” as we might say)?

And with OT (operational technology) so significant in what are often long and complex supply chains, retailers have very specific cybersecurity issues that our guests address during the course of our discussion.

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