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Robots on the factory floor, in the warehouse and a part of the production line. This episode of the Tech Means Business podcast looks at hardware and robotics in industry, and the software and systems that support them. We talk to Neil Mead from KUKA.

22 May 2023 . 00:18:08

Show Notes for Series 03 Episode 38
This podcast is produced in conjunction with KUKA.

Robotics and automated systems are no strangers to industry, especially in areas like engineering, manufacturing and logistics. Yet investing in automated systems at any scale seems daunting, potentially very disruptive, and hugely costly.

Not so, says our guest on this episode of the Tech Means Business podcast. Neil Mead, Head of Regional Marketing for EMEA & LATAM at KUKA joins us to talk about how automated systems and hardware can be deployed in many facilities without all those risks.

Thanks to a number of factors (digital twins, VR models, piecemeal integration and security consciousness), companies can and are installing robots and automated machines at small and large scales. Return on investment is pretty quick, and digital twins of new systems or entire operations help stakeholder buy-in and change management alike.

KUKA celebrates 125 years in industry this year, from its small beginnings as a welding workshop to the global automation giant it is today.

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