Defining the Safer, Distributed Business Network

Software abstraction at the level of networks. Sounds complicated, but not so! Join the market leader in the technology, Nuage Networks and one of its big users, NTT, in this episode of the Tech Means Business Podcast.

2 June 2023 . 00:20:41

Show Notes for Series 03 Episode 39
This podcast is produced in conjunction with Nuage Networks.

The software-defined WAN (wide area network) is a piece of networking technology that simply makes life easier (and safer) for any organization with a distributed network.

Instead of struggling to join MPLS, ADSL, and other interconnects together and then blanket the whole thing in encryption, SD-WAN handles all the details. Primary among SD-WAN suppliers is Nuage Networks, the SD-WAN specialist division of Nokia.

Our guests in this episode of the Tech Means Business are Saurabh Sandhir, the Vice President and General Manager of Nuage Networks, and Arun Pathak, Vice President of Managed Network and Collaboration Services for NTT. Arun speaks as the enterprise-scale expert in India of SD-WAN technology and software, one that partners with Nuage as its de facto supplier.

We talk about the effects of the cloud on networks, the advantages of SD-WAN, and how this layer of software abstraction increases cybersecurity at the network level.

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