Talking Software-Defined Networking with Nuage Networks

Connectivity in 2021 is all about abstraction in software. We talk with the field’s leading proponents, and a big end-user of the tech: Globe Telecom.

19 March 2021 . 00:15:08

Show Notes for Series 02 Episode 17

This podcast is produced in conjunction with Nuage Networks from Nokia

Connectivity is a business imperative and is one of the first things companies plan when they open a new store, branch office or far-flung outpost. It’s a whole lot easier to get connected these days, too, but once an organization is linked up, how is that connection best optimized?

Step forward, SD-WAN — software-defined wide-area networking — a technology that lets business prioritize specific types of network traffic, stay safe, and allocate available bandwidth according to what the business needs, not physical constraints.

In this episode, we’re joined by James McInroe of Nuage Networks, the world’s foremost provider of SD-WAN technologies. Nuage is a venture that grew up inside Nokia, a company that knows a thing or two about connectivity & communication too.

We also talk to Peter Maquera of Globe Telecom, the Philippines’ biggest telecomms provider. Globe uses Nuage SD-WAN for its own retail stores, and also as part of its business connectivity offerings as a managed SD-WAN service. In that, Peter has seen both sides of the technology as it were.

The three of us talk about SD-WAN’s advantages over traditional WAN services, common use-cases, security bonuses, the speed of deployment, control and real-time monitoring. If your organization has five or more outlets or offices, this is essential listening.

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