Splunk’s James Hodge

How can organizations (of any size) make sense of the “big data” at their disposal? Perhaps James Hodge of Splunk can help us here…

22 April 2020 . 00:26:02

Show Notes for Series 01 Episode 01

In conversation with Splunk’s James Hodge. James is the company’s chief tech advisor, trotting the globe (in pre COVID-19 times, at least), helping businesses unlock the potential into what they typically already have masses of — data. He took time out to talk to us about big data, artificial intelligence, and school children who knock down walls to turn off lights!

A well-known speaker and advocate for technology’s practical use in business, he presents some fascinating insights into the big questions about information mining, finding the nuggest of gold in all those zeros and ones, and tells us that Splunk is so, so much more than a SIEM platform.

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And with the temporary cessation of live events (including Splunk Live!), here’s Splunk’s latest webinar, “The Future of AI Ops”:


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