NFI Industries and Original Software: delivering best-practice UAT

User Acceptance Testing: a critical phase in the development and evolution of any software. We talk to Original Software and its client, NFI Industries.

9 November 2023 . 00:21:02

Show Notes for Series 03 Episode 50
This podcast is produced in conjunction with Original Software.

Software not only has to work as it was designed, it has to be designed so it works as users want it to. User acceptance testing is that critical part of software development that ensures a solution (or an update or addition to an application) becomes a powerful tool for the end-users: functional, easy-to-use, and (hopefully) bug-free.

Our guests today on the Tech Means Business podcast are Original Software, a company that makes market-leading software testing solutions, and NFI, a supplier that specializes in providing powerful software to logistics organizations worldwide.

With Jenny Wilson, VP of Automation Support at NFI, and Colin Armitage, CEO of Original Software, we talk about automation, building test libraries, picking the right user testers, and some of the intricacies of UAT – user acceptance testing.

Although the presence of cloud computing platforms suggests that user testing is somehow standardized, the truth is that uses of any piece of software are so different, every change, every feature, and every application needs to be tested in the right way by the right people – and at a resource cost that won’t alarm the Finance Department.

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