Unified Comms at the crest of the tech wave, with Zoom and IRESS

Zoom is a household name, but the extent of its offerings for organizations might surprise you. Join us to explore how Zoom’s familiar interface elevates communication and collaboration via Zoom UCaaS and Zoom Phone, with user IRESS.

15 November 2023 . 00:24:51

Show Notes for Series 03 Episode 51
This podcast is produced in conjunction with Zoom.

The Zoom platform is synonymous with video calling, but it has evolved significantly since it became a household word from 2019. In this episode of the Tech Means Business podcast, we explore its UCaaS (unified communications as a service), including Zoom Phone. Nathan Guy, Head of UCaaS APAC at Zoom, sheds light on how Zoom’s UCaaS streamlines communication, mobilizes teams, and ensures business continuity. We also discuss Zoom Phone, a tool seamlessly transitioning calls across devices and enabling chat and video meetings from anywhere.

Joined by Anthony Feher, Engineering Team Lead at IRESS, whose company adopted Zoom in pre-COVID days, we explore how IRESS continues to integrate more and more functionality from the Zoom UCaaS platform.

We talk about how IRESS’s customer support and telephony functions have been transformed, creating huge improvements in both customer and employee experiences. Zoom’s technical and consultative abilities are helping this producer of fintech software to bring together remote desktop, Jira integration, telephony, meetings and messaging, ensuring IRESS stays at the cutting edge of what’s possible with UCaaS.

Zoom consolidates phone, team chat, whiteboard, meetings, and third-party integrations, streamlining your user experience and saving time and money. Unlock cost savings, enhance productivity, and optimize your communications, regardless of location or method.

While Zoom is a household name, the extent of its offerings for organizations on digital transformation journeys might surprise you. Join us to explore how Zoom’s familiar interface elevates communication and collaboration to new heights.

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