Automating the UK’s supply chain – part two

So you’ve decided to save costs with automation. What are the practical steps you need to take? And where do you look first for the best places to roll out automatic systems?

13 September 2022 . 00:12:39

Show Notes for Series 03 Episode 11
This podcast is produced in conjunction with Dematic.

When supply chain and distribution companies decide to digitise and robotise their systems to any degree, it’s wise for them to partner with a company that knows its stuff. In this second part of a two-parter with Dematic UK, the Tech Means Business podcast looks at the best ways and places to approach modernisation & automation projects.

Back-end automation might be a wise first step for some; for others, it will be a trial, followed by a roll-out of warehouse robots that reduce picking times by 40% (and mistakes by 99%).

Every company’s needs will be different depending on aims, budget, and available resources. But Dematic – a long-time player in this space – will have “been there, done that” before. Who better to turn to for advice and practical implementation of automated systems designed specifically for this competitive sector?

If you’ve not yet listened to episode one, check back here, or continue your listening journey with Dematic UK and the Tech Means Business podcast, hosted by Tech HQ’s very own Joe Green.

Learn more about what Dematic does and what it can do for your company here: https://www.dematic.com/en-gb/

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