Facing the Utility Challenge with Wipro

Utilities provide us with the essentials in life. And for better results, they partner with Wipro.

14 February 2024 . 00:35:37

Show Notes for Series 03 Episode 54
This podcast is produced in conjunction with Wipro.

Today’s utility companies face an ageing infrastructure, demand for better customer experiences, regulation and the need to digitise all areas of operations. Helping them achieve these goals is Wipro, the Indian multinational that’s revitalising companies’ methods, mindsets and technology infrastructure.

With specialist knowledge of the sector, and many years experience (our guests today bring c. 100 years in the industry between them), Wipro’s consultants, builders and engineers are bringing about the changes necessary to bring value to stakeholders and consumers.

This episode of Tech Means Business covers challenges, solutions and industry trends, with plenty of good old-fashioned advice for the sector and the professionals making critical decisions. With challenges from operational realities through to selling the business case for technology at board level, our guests guide industry stalwarts and outsiders through the complexities of the utilities sector in the UK.

You can read more about Wipro’s work with worldwide utilities companies here:

Ajay Chandran, Regional Head of Energy, Utilities and Infrastructure for the UK & Ireland

Rebekah Docherty, Vice President, ENU and Telecoms Business

Sampathkumaran Hariharan, Director of Digital Transformation

Ankit Sharma, Account Executive