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Five social media analytics tools to help your business thrive

SOCIAL MEDIA has become the front line for how businesses of all sizes and industries connect with the tech-savvy customers of today’s digital age. It’s  your “helpdesk” where users can come with any queries regarding your product or service. And it’s your platform for pushing out brand content which connects with your customer’s preferences.

Your business can extract some rich, valuable data from social platforms which will you meet your business goals. But unless you know how exactly to analyze it and learn from it, this data can be useless.

Enter the social media analytics tool. Such platforms allow you to gather analytics on a variety of important factors. Which are your top performing tweets? What time of day does your content get the most engagement? Which content should you publish next? Is your marketing strategy translating into increased traffic and leads?

These platforms also allow you to centralize your social efforts and publishing in a single console or dashboard. Through this, you can push tailored content out across all social platforms, taking some of the manual efforts out of managing different social profiles such as Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn.

As the amount of social media marketing has grown, so has the number of management tools available. The question is, which one is the best for your brand? Luckily, we at Tech Wire Asia have got you covered. Here are five social media analytics tools to consider:

Google Analytics

Though not strictly a social media analytics tool, Google Analytics can play an important role in your social media analysis. This tool is the clear top choice for analyzing website traffic as well as evaluating certain social media metrics.

You can find out which social sites are referring the most traffic to your site in order to increase efforts. Or you may find that a certain network isn’t proving to be worth your time and expense.

Price: The good news is that the standard version of this tool is free. But for the premium version, which includes training from Google experts, 24-hour support, and a higher multitude of tools and data, it will cost you a pricey US$150,000 per annum.

Sprout Social

With this handy tool, you can measure your businesses performance across Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn – all within a single location. This makes social media management simple by consolidating your analytics combined into one platform, allowing you to efficiently keep track and compare your social media efforts across multiple accounts and platforms.

Price: Starts from US$99/month. Users can try a free 30-day trial.


Buffer allows its users to schedule and manage social media content across the most popular channels. The tool allows you to customize individual posts for each of the platforms it gets posted to. Buffer also lets you share your content at the best times throughout the day to ensure optimum reach, and track links so you can see what content gets the most engagement.

Price: Free – US$2,550 per year.


Whether you’re a business owner handling a couple of accounts or a large agency managing hundreds, Hootsuite has you covered. This tool makes it easy to add various accounts, schedule posts across all major platforms, as well as add account managers.

On top of this, Hootsuite has a robust training platform which provides valuable tips and tricks on social marketing as a whole.

Price: Starts from US$19 per month for the Professional package, to US$499 per month for Business. Some of Hootsuite’s packages offer a free 30-day trial.


This platform provides real-time data on the sites, stories, and posts which are engaging audiences. Newswhip tracks which stories are spreading the fastest right now, as well as making predictions about what stories and topics are likely to be the biggest today.

For your brand, you can discover what stories your audience is likely to engage best with and which formats are most successful. The platform also allows you to see how your audience thinks and feels about your brand by providing you with insights on how they react to your content across multiple social platforms.

Price: Enterprise plans start from $2000 per month