New app makes Harley-Davidson's LiveWire a smarter system capable of predictive maintenance. Source: Shutterstock

New app makes Harley-Davidson’s LiveWire a smarter system capable of predictive maintenance. Source: Shutterstock

Harley-Davidson offers predictive maintenance capabilities to improve CX

MOTORCYCLE manufacturers seem to be behind the curve when it comes to using cutting-edge technology in the products they create, giving many the perception that the industry isn’t going to change much.

BMW broke the mold when it unveiled a self-driving motorbike last year, developed by graduate engineer Stefan Hans and his team — and it inspired competitors.

Some, following in BMW’s footsteps, are trying to reinvent the wheel. Others, like Harley-Davidson, are working on creating a new everyday experience for riders.

Working with IBM, the automaker proves to other businesses in the industry that there’s room to turbocharge products and solutions with artificial intelligence (AI), big data analytics, IoT, and other cutting-edge technologies for customers in the two-wheeler segment as well.

In fewer words, enterprise technology is making a debut in customer-facing developments in the two-wheeler space as well.

Harley-Davidson is adding more punch to its fully cellular-connected electric motorcycle LiveWire by using cloud, AI, and IoT.

Harley-Davidson VP Product Planning and Portfolio Marc McAllister told media that the cloud-based services are part of the company’s transformation programme.

“After 115 years we’ve had to reinvent ourselves a number of times, and this is just the next step in continuing the legacy,” he said.

The use of these cutting-edge technologies would provide riders with new mobility as well as enhanced security.

LiveWire riders will be able to check vehicle vitals at any time and from any location via H-D™ Connect. Information available includes features such as range, battery health, and charge level — essentially offering the ultimate predictive maintenance system to riders.

The use of cloud, AI, and IoT here is able to personalize the customer experience to each rider’s practice and preferences.

This is the kind of advancements that do not only help the industry grow but also raise riders’ awareness.

Timely maintenance will also result in longer lifespans of vehicles effectively. In the long run, manufacturers will be able to gain more accurate analytics that helps match innovations to motorist needs.

Besides that, owners will be notified on their smartphones if the motorcycle has been bumped, tampered or moved.

This practical feature will definitely help the LiveWire riders feel assured of their vehicle’s security.

On top of that, the GPS-enabled stolen-vehicle assistance can track the motorcycle’s location easily, making it virtually impossible for theft.

New technologies are not going to just change how automobiles look on the outside.

These new technologies are going to set new standards to what the automotive industry can deliver to improve customer experience.