mobilityX has developed an app that seeks to integrate public and private transport | Source: Shutterstock

Singaporean startup to merge transport options in one app

SOON, commuters in Singapore will be able to plan, book, and pay for different types of transportation through one single mobile application thanks to mobilityX, a Singaporean-startup linked to transport operator SMRT.

On Wednesday, the startup announced that it has developed an app which will integrate a range of travel options including public transport, shared bicycles, e-scooters, and even driverless electric-driven pods.

The president of SMRT, Desmond Kuek said:

“New technologies and business models are reshaping the transportation experience of commuters in Singapore and around the world. In line with SMRT’s vision of ‘Moving People, Enhancing Lives’, SMRT recognizes the opportunity and value that Mobility-as-a-Service can bring to commuters’ end-to-end experience through its investment into capabilities under mobilityX.”

The startup was incorporated last month to provide integrated “mobility-as-a-service” (MaaS) solutions to both commuters and companies. At a media briefing of the app, Colin Lim, mobilityX’s chief executive officer explained that the app uses real-time information and traffic condition predictions to plan different routes based on time and cost. It was also mentioned that they hope to arrange routes with the lowest carbon count.

The startup is collaborating with key players in the mobility industry such as Airbike, Mobike, Deloitte, Obike, Continental, and more, in order offer commuters a range of urban mobility options through one integrated platform.

The startup is collaborating with some key players in the mobility game | Source: Shutterstock

“The Singapore Economic Development Board (EDB) has been supporting mobilityX in the development and scale-up of its business. This is part of the EDB’s efforts to step up support for large local enterprises in the creation of new businesses that are complementary, adjacent or even disruptive,” the company said.

This week, mobilityX signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with Singapore telecommunications company, Singtel. This will allow DataSpark – Singtel’s advanced analytics arm – and mobilityX to explore the utilization of data analytics to support MaaS solutions in Singapore.

Ying Shaowei, Chief Operating Officer at DataSpark said, “As a mobility intelligence company, we believe technology can be a key enabler to transform the future of urban mobility. With our expertise in advanced analytics and regional footprint, our collaboration with mobilityX will contribute to smart city initiatives that enhance the commuting experience.”

Singtel and mobilityX will also be exploring the integration of Singtel’s mobile payments platform on the app to support customer payment and check-out services through mobile wallets and direct carrier billing.

The startup hopes to begin rolling out the app in phases by the end of this year, with aims of being at the forefront of providing innovative solutions to enhance the commuter experience.