Business decision makers are constantly consuming content, here's how to reach them. Source: Shutterstock

Business decision makers are constantly consuming content, here’s how to reach them. Source: Shutterstock

How smart businesses accelerate their content marketing agenda

CONTENT marketing doesn’t come naturally to most businesses.

Leaders often take their own sweet time to understand the mechanics of content discovery, the value of creating original content, and the importance of marketing it to the right people.

The reality is that content marketing is not easy, no matter how good or innovative your content is. Be it text, infographics, or video, content marketing is something that requires a bit of work before it gets the attention it deserves.

In time, driving traffic to your own site by creating interesting stories about problems your product solves and challenges your services and solutions helps clients overcome becomes easier.

However, some find that audiences do tend to have their guard up even if the content has been created solely to educate and inform decision makers in the marketplace.

Smart marketers use a smart workaround

To be honest, in order for content to be discovered on a particular platform, it needs to be marketed on social media platforms and via search and display ads on various networks.

And while this approach does drive traffic, marketers still tend to struggle to overcome the bias audiences have.

A fleet operator, for example, would love to read about new technologies that he can use in order to optimize his operations, but he’s likely to value it less if he reads it on a vendor’s website — especially if he hasn’t heard of the brand beforehand.

The smart psychological workaround to this is for marketers to allocate a portion of their budget to work with established partners to create content in the niche that is most crucial to them.

The vendor in the aforementioned example could work with a content creator in the commercial automotive market in order to educate the audience about the technology and also familiarize them with the brand — before directing them to content on their own site to help further educate those who are interested.

This is the basis of “branded content” — and although a popular concept in the world of publishing, the digital world is definitely new territory.

The right partner can work wonders

For the best marketers, finding the right partners to work with when creating branded content as an extension of the company’s own content marketing efforts can be quite challenging.

The right partner can not only help find the right audience but also be an important influencer and advocate for the brand in the crowded digital world.

To be honest, it’s why big brands too work with some of the leading media houses to co-create content — simply because of the loyalty and trust that audiences have placed in the content portal.

At the end of the day, marketers looking to drive traffic to their company blogs and get rid of all biases and have audiences trust the content, finding a trusted media partner could be a great thing.