Business expansion made easy with WeChat Mini Program and WeChat Pay. Source: AFP

Business expansion made easy with WeChat Mini Program and WeChat Pay. Source: AFP

Southeast Asian businesses seeking growth in China should try WeChat

SMARTPHONES and other technologies make business expansion quick and easy, irrespective of size or sector.

Statista reports that the number of global mobile phone users is expected to surpass five billion this year. As digital penetration is bound to deepen, business leaders should capitalize on mobile applications to expand their reach.

To the majority of Chinese residents, that mobile app is WeChat. It’s also the mobile app that Southeast Asian businesses need to try if they’re looking to grow their presence in China.

The app has more than one billion daily active users who use it all day long for daily tasks such as scheduling, making payments, and booking flights and hotels.

So, this makes the market promising for businesses that are looking to expand their reach via mobile apps.

Business expansion within the mobile ecosystem

The Chinese app’s all-in-one infrastructure makes it one of the most important platforms in the world.

Amongst its many features, commercial entities looking to appeal to Chinese residents are quite impressed with WeChat Mini Programs and WeChat Pay.

For instance, some foreign companies — such as fast-food brands and fashion houses — use the Mini Program to expand their businesses into the country.

WeChat Mini Programs are sub-applications within the app are really easy to build. There are about 170 million users who use WeChat’s various Mini Programs every day, all of whom can be reached directly by the businesses with offers and news.

Business can also collaborate with one another to expand their reach.

Similarly, for the mobile payment system, there are 900 million global WeChat Pay users monthly.

Businesses that accept payment via WeChat Pay will be preferred by users who want to keep track of their expenses via the mobile app.

Moreover, the rising number of Chinese tourists is causing WeChat Pay to expand its footprint all over the world including the US and the EU. However, CNBC reported that Southeast Asian countries will benefit the most.

The growth of the technology giant has slowed at home, but its penetration in other regions is developing rapidly.

Businesses that are looking to expand their reach will naturally turn to tech solutions. Out of the many platforms, WeChat seems like one of the most business-friendly mobile apps for market expansion.

With mobile technology, customers are far more accessible for businesses to reach out to, and WeChat makes it possible for customers to subscribe to all kinds of services on a single mobile application.

It’s why WeChat is an important platform for Southeast Asian businesses looking to quickly grow their presence in China.