AI can help marketers get into the minds of customers. Source: Shutterstock

How AI can become the marketer’s best friend

No industry is untouched by the still-blooming power of artificial intelligence (AI), it seems, seizing the technology’s power in automating and augmenting processes and capabilities. It’s no surprise then that the world of digital marketing – an industry that thrives on creativity and innovation – is eagerly embracing it too.

Tech-savvy marketing firms are now weaving AI applications into the stacks to improve workflow, ensuring their messaging is optimized and is hitting as many of its target audience as possible. In fact, 60 percent of marketers plan to increase their AI use within the next year.

AI appeals to marketers for many reasons. It can help generate superior customer insights, helping to understand consumers’ behavior, which can be used to enhance various touchpoints in the customer’s journey.

Receiving accurate information at such high speed enables marketers to quickly decipher the needs and wants of consumers across multiple channels.

Using AI-based tech stacks to up customer experience may be challenging, but it will pay off. Over time, and with some patience and perseverance, AI will prove its value by enabling accurate, fast cross-channel personalization. No matter how ‘insightful’ insights are, they will only remain that if nothing is done with it.

When marketing teams leverage these insights to scale and stabilize cross-channel personalization, they will be able to respond to customers effectively. This may come in the form of developing more targeted strategies, executing campaigns that resonate more with customers, or even discovering untapped opportunities for increased engagements.

Having AI is one thing, and having people who possess AI expertise is another. To max out the benefits of their AI tech stacks, it’s crucial that marketers have AI experts on their teams. These are the people who are able to put AI to good use, and decipher and aggregate data to the point of it being usable, put data into context, and lead the team in utilizing appropriate analysis techniques to extract relevant information.

Making AI part of your marketing strategy will accelerate revenue growth, ultimately increasing top and bottom lines. Invest in the technology, and the people who will be using the technology. Soon, you’ll be able to see high ROIs – after all, good things do come to those who wait.