Micro-influencers are more likely to show higher engagement rate and ROI for brands in digital marketing. Source: Shutterstock

Micro-influencers are more likely to show higher engagement rate and ROI for brands in digital marketing. Source: Shutterstock

3 ways for brands to get more out of their digital marketing

AD FATIGUE on digital platforms kicks in when there’s overexposure of a particular content. In the digital space, the diminishing returns of marketing come pretty easily.

So, digital marketers need to always ensure that their brands are properly engaging with consumers instead of just getting eyeballs.

While targeted ads’ success comes from views, content marketing builds on the engagement level of audiences.

This is to say that content marketing helps keep the conversation going with consumers without sounding pushy. That way, the rate of retention will also improve.

With that in mind, brands need to look past traditional marketing pronto.

Here are three simple steps for brands to move up the digital marketing game right now:

#1 | Develop a digital voice

Visually attractive ads will grab attention. It’s not enough for marketing campaigns to be impactful. They also need to be humanized in order to gain engagement.

So, to retain attention, brands need to have a voice that sounds the same across platforms. This will strengthen the brand identity and help attract the right audience.

To develop a digital voice that is reflective of the brand’s persona, marketers have to first determine their brand values and make them part of the core message.

#2 | Build a community

Community-based marketing is like word-of-mouth marketing; It’s organic and trusty. When it happens on a digital platform, it spreads like wildfire.

Through a community, brands have a personal feedback loop on their products and services. The engagement will help with product development and brand loyalty amongst consumers.

To build a community that fosters engagement, brands need to be actively participating and listening in the conversations as well.

#3 | Focus on micro-influencers

Micro-influencers are more likely to bring you higher engagement rates and returns as social media marketing has become increasingly saturated.

According to a study, “those with less than 1,000 followers generally [receive] likes on their posts 8 percent of the time.”

That statistic is fivefold the percentage for mega-influencers with over 10 million followers.

This is because the conversion rate drops (significantly) as the number of followers increase. However, good marketers will already have that at the back of their minds.

In the end, content is king.

So, it is important for brands to speak the same lingo as their consumers to bring in engagement.

Sequentially, real engagement will turn regular consumers into brand advocates. Essentially, that is the main goal of marketing.