Video content can even showcase short clips or snapshots of the syllabus. Source: Shutterstock

Video content can even showcase short clips or snapshots of the syllabus. Source: Shutterstock

How digital video marketing helps sales teams tell a better story

VIDEOS will be a whopping 82 percent of global internet traffic for both business and consumer markets by the year 2022.

This will change the underlying structure of the way brands can engage with their users online.

From being just a mode of online entertainment, video has become an essential component of marketing when it comes to driving interest.

Not only does it build brand awareness for the business but also helps with educating products and services as well as demonstrating complex concepts.

Although video marketing is becoming the next big hit in business outreach, companies need to adopt sound strategies before publishing their own video content.

This means that content can be personalized to each stage of user readiness so that businesses can reap the full benefits of video marketing.

Nurturing brand awareness

At a very basic level, businesses can use video content to build brand awareness.

So, the content will establish what the brand stands for and its values to first attract the right target group.

The theme, color scheme, as well as lingo that videos use can also determine the brand persona.

For example, if a new health food brand will launch a video campaign, they will most likely go with a ‘clean’ design.

Besides, the video content will have to touch on the latest scoops of today’s health trends so that the business attracts the right crowd.

Educating products and services available

Next, businesses can use video content to educate potential new users to their products and services.

Communicating exactly what the product and service features are can be helpful. This is to set expectations of potential users about what the brand can or cannot do for them.

When setting the expectations of the features, businesses can leverage this opportunity to convey their USP via the interactive medium.

Let’s say an online course for mathematics is to launch their video marketing campaign — The content can even showcase short clips or snapshots of the syllabus.

Sneak peeks will only help customers gain confidence in the product before they make the investment.

Demonstrating proof of concepts

To reinforce the marketing efforts, video is also the best medium to broadcast testimonials and visualize concepts to potential users.

Testimonials from existing users or commentary from a subject matter expert often helps boost credibility.

For more complex concepts, visual information will be highly practical as well.

A positive video testimony of a medical apparatus from a patient, for example, will instantly add to the brand’s trustworthiness.

This is to say that the brand cares about the efficacy of their products and services to probe existing users for feedback as well.

Without a doubt, video marketing will be growing more opportunities for businesses and it can go hand-in-hand with sales strategies.

With online platforms’ ability to also measure performances on the backend, video marketing strategies can refine even more.

Hence businesses can no longer afford to miss out on the opportunities that video marketing presents.