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3DOM and Geely to develop world’s first carbon-neutral commercial fleet service

As the effort toward carbon-neutral vehicles increases globally, Geely Auto Group’s Jiangxi Geely New Energy Commercial Vehicle (GCV) has signed an MoU with energy company 3DOM for the development of battery-powered electric commercial vehicles.

Both companies will jointly develop battery packs for the E51, the latest electric light commercial van model to be launched by GCV. The new model has already amassed great interest from the logistics and supply chain management industry in Japan. By the end of 2025, 3PL, 3DOM’s wholly-owned subsidiary responsible for the manufacture and sale of 3DOM batteries, will have supplied approximately 600 MWh worth of batteries.

A leading automotive manufacturer in China, Geely’s main area of focus is high-performance vehicles that bridge the gap between quality and affordability. As the parent company of Volvo Cars and other notable automotive brands, the company is set to position China as a manufacturing hub for green vehicular technologies.

3DOM plans to roll out the E51 through a soon-to-be-established affiliate company. The electric commercial vehicle (ECV) model will be a key member of the world’s first carbon-neutral commercial fleet service. Outside of the service, GCV will also sell E51s to transportation and logistics providers.


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A carbon-neutral commercial fleet service

As the world’s first carbon-neutral commercial fleet service, 3DOM will provide a fleet service of E51 vehicles complete with clean electricity and carbon credits to customers, including supermarket chains and transportation companies. The project is expected to first launch in Japan in 2023.

Despite the shift in the industry, there are still challenges for ECVs. Most electric vehicle manufacturers have struggled to keep production costs low amidst soaring battery prices. Additionally, the industry faces stiff competition from conventional gasoline vehicles that don’t rely heavily on extensive charging networks.


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3DOM seeks to take a unique approach in the face of these challenges. Its proprietary battery technology allows users to extend the life of their batteries and save on recharge costs. The company believes that a subscription-based business model and/or leasing its services can help alleviate the financial burden of shifting to ECVs.

As for the problem of insufficient charging networks, 3DOM is actively pursuing strategic partnerships with companies developing clean energy charging infrastructure. In addition, carbon credits will be acquired to offset carbon emissions from battery and vehicle manufacturing, allowing the fleet service to achieve carbon neutrality.

Through these initiatives, 3DOM is committed to realizing a carbon-neutral transportation network. Their commercial fleet service is the first solution of its kind to combat the issues currently hindering the growth of the ECV market.