A comprehensive guide to MDM software for Android and beyond in today’s modern workplace

Mobile Device Management (MDM) software, including specialized solutions for Android, has become an indispensable asset for organizations aiming to efficiently manage, safeguard, and optimize mobile devices in the workplace. As the business world increasingly adopts mobile technology, vital productivity tools are smartphone and tablets across various platforms, such as Android, iOS, and Windows. In response, MDM solutions facilitate seamless integration, oversight, and protection of these devices within corporate networks, while simplifying device deployment, management, and security.

MDM software streamlines numerous aspects of device management, such as application deployment, updates and configuration, system updates, security management, content management, and compliance enforcement.

By automating labor-intensive IT tasks, MDM allows organizations to concentrate on more significant goals and objectives. As the usage of smartphones and tablets in the workplace continues to rise, MDM solutions offer a comprehensive approach to maintaining control over these devices, ensuring data protection and enhancing productivity.

Some key features of MDM software include:

  • Device tracking: MDM enables real-time device tracking, helping IT admins locate lost or stolen devices and reduce security risks.
  • Remote lock and wipe: MDM offers remote lock and wipe features to protect sensitive data on lost or stolen devices from unauthorized access.
  • Application management: MDM efficiently manages app distribution, updates, and consistency across all devices in an organization.
  • Security policy enforcement: MDM enforces security policies and compliance with corporate and regulatory guidelines, using features like password enforcement, encryption, and remote wiping to protect sensitive data.

Seeing MDM in action

Vodafone Qatar faced the challenge of managing over 2,500 POS devices across multiple stores and field sales teams. The company sought a comprehensive MDM solution to enhance security, comply with ISO 27001, provide remote support, and track device locations. After evaluating various options, Vodafone Qatar chose ManageEngine Mobile Device Manager Plus for its customizable interface, local partner assistance, and straightforward onboarding.

This solution enables the company to manage approved apps, remotely troubleshoot devices, track locations, and enforce IT-approved security policies to protect corporate data.

A comprehensive guide to MDM software for Android, iOS, and beyond for the modern workplace

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“We have been using Mobile Device Manager Plus for over a year now, and it has assisted us in staying compliant with our organization’s security and compliance policies. We can safeguard our customer data, track our devices, and implement policies over the air,” said Syed Ahmad Rasool, senior manager of technology security/HoC at Vodafone Qatar.

Technological trends in MDM solutions

Technology has enabled organizations to enhance their MDM solutions in several key areas, such as cloud-based solutions. Cloud-based services offer enterprises convenient tools that improve user experience and streamline the establishment of security protocols. By harnessing Machine Learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AI), IT teams can analyze data in real-time, obtain valuable insights, and make informed decisions promptly.

Other than the cloud, it’s also worth mentioning automated security updates & auditing. Effective MDM solutions also include automated security updates and auditing processes. These features proactively protect against vulnerabilities and unauthorized access by regularly updating all connected devices across a network. This approach ensures up-to-date infrastructure, reducing the risk of cyber attacks. Moreover, automated audits can be scheduled periodically to maintain compliance with industry standards and regulations concerning data privacy and usage rights.

MDM software that is available for Android, iOS, and others

With various options available, choosing the right MDM solution that meets an organization’s unique needs is important. Here are the five notable MDM tools to consider:

  • Kandji: A cloud-based service specializing in Apple devices, Kandji offers onboarding, fleet management, security monitoring, asset tracking, and patch management to streamline the device management process for organizations.
  • ManageEngine Mobile Device Manager Plus: This comprehensive enterprise device management solution is available in both on-premises and cloud-based versions, catering to different organizational requirements.
  • Citrix Endpoint Management: Formerly known as XenMobile, Citrix has integrated its MDM package into a full endpoint system relying on virtualization, providing a seamless device management experience.
  • Samsung Knox Mobile: An affordable fleet management system designed specifically for Samsung devices running Android or ChromeOS, ensuring optimal performance and management for these devices.
  • VMWare Workspace ONE: This MDM solution allows for remote policy configuration, automatic application deployment, and more, ensuring efficient and secure management of an organization’s mobile devices.

Evaluate these MDM tools based on an organization’s needs and preferences to find the perfect solution for managing mobile devices. With the right MDM solution, one can confidently streamline device management, bolster security, and enhance productivity across the organization.