Jabra Elite 4

(Source – Tech Wire Asia)

Seamlessly switch between work and leisure with Jabra Elite 4

When it comes to earbuds, having a device that can support both work and personal use can be rather complicated. Most workplaces often use headphones for better comfort, especially for long talking times, while wireless earbuds are the preferred option for personal use, particularly when it comes to doing outdoor activities.

And this is where Jabra comes in. Known for their hybrid work and personal sound devices, Jabra has just launched the Elite 4, its latest edition in the Elite lineup. Compared to its predecessor, the Elite 4 allows users to stay connected with two devices at once via its Bluetooth Multipoint connectivity and easy pairing with Fast Pair and Swift Pair.

Other highlights of the new reasonably priced earbuds include active noise cancellation and fine-tuned 6mm speakers for powerful sound. With 5.5 hours of playtime, its compact and lightweight fit design also ensures all-day comfort.

An interesting feature of the Elite 4 is the Active Noise Cancellation (ANC). Using the Sound+ app, users can select and customize their listening preferences as well as choose whether to activate the ANC or not.

The Elite 4 is built with Qualcomm apX HD. The high-quality audio design provides high-resolution music as its enhanced codec supports 24-bit music quality over Bluetooth, enabling users to listen to even the slightest details in the audio.

Tech Wire Asia had the opportunity to try out the new earbuds. Here’s our review.

Single device for work and play

While Jabra’s enterprise headphones are among the best devices for work, especially in call centers, we decided to try the Elite 4 in simpler use cases at work. For those who would like to listen to music while at work and switch to calls on their web conferencing tools, the Elite 4 was able to support that with ease.

We were able to switch between Spotify on the mobile device to the laptop for a call on Microsoft Teams seamlessly. The speakers and microphone on the Elite 4 provided clear and sharp audio. The ANC functions on the app also enabled us to switch it off to listen to music lightly and pay attention to conversations as well.

(Source – Jabra)

Comfy on the ear?

Apart from brand preference, most users pick earbuds for their comfort on the ears. Using the earbuds for short work calls seemed to be perfect, but when it comes to listening to music for a long time, the Elite 4 can be a bit discomforting with the ANC turned on. But again, this would ultimately go down to user preference.

Personally, the device seems to be fine for short listening – about an hour or so. But anything longer than that may be a little too heavy.

Sound+ app

Jabra’s Sound+ app has some unique features. Apart from being able to locate the earbuds, its equalizer functions allow users to customize their earbuds based on their preferences. Several preset settings in the app seem to work perfectly for both work and leisure usage.

At the same time, users can also update their devices with the app through its automatic updates.


As a midrange-priced device, the Jabra Elite 4 would serve as an ideal listening device for the executive who enjoys using the same earbuds for both work and leisure. Its seamless switching capabilities between devices and clear audio for conversations make it a good investment for earbud lovers.