V.R. Srivatsan, Managing Director, Adobe Southeast Asia

V.R. Srivatsan, Managing Director, Adobe Southeast Asia, says the company is looking to make Adobe Experience a more streamline process for users. Source: Adobe

Advertising management gets a creative boost

AN average marketer wastes about 16 hours a week on routine tasks. An average company loses about 20-30 percent in revenue each year due to inefficiencies.

This is because marketing processes are siloed, with data spread across disparate systems and platform.

Adobe is changing that by integrating its Adobe Advertising Cloud with the Creative part of its business. That will further integrate with Adobe Analytics Cloud as well.

Adobe Analytics Cloud started as an independent platform for managing advertising across traditional TV and digital formats. Adding new capabilities, Adobe releases the Advertising Cloud Creative.

It’s a self-serve platform that gives marketers control over basic design elements, including advertising copy and assets used in display ads. This means marketers can quickly roll out new messaging and design, without spending time and money on starting the design process from scratch.

Creative assets designed on Adobe Creative Cloud will be automatically available in Advertising Cloud Creative. Marketers can take these assets, optimize or target their display advertising across ad sizes and make simple changes to the ads themselves.

Beyond simplifying workflow, Adobe is also adding capabilities to integrate with Adobe Analytics Cloud.

The analytics will allow users to make hassle-free attribution measurement. Marketers can link ads bought through Advertising Cloud to business outcomes like purchases, measured by Adobe Analytics. The analytics also provides brand metrics in the demand-side platform (DSP) to inform media buying decisions.

Through the use of analytics, advertising is more connected and accountable. This translates to less loss in advertising budget that brings minimal returns.

Advertising Cloud now includes features powered by Adobe Sensei, the company’s AI and machine learning framework. Adobe Sensei is used to optimize the relevance and performance of search, display and video ads across all screens.

This allows marketers to spend less time on “shoot and pray” method, as they can rely on proven numbers to help inform their decisions.

“We are tearing down the walls between creative, data and media in a way only Adobe can make possible,” said V.R. Srivatsan, Managing Director, Adobe Southeast Asia.

“Many marketers today still struggle to deliver relevant advertising messages to their customers. We’re making it easy for brands to deliver well-designed, personalized advertising to consumers who may currently ignore their ads,” he concludes.