Pharmacies use interesting technology to better target ads. Source; Shutterstock

Pharmacies use interesting technology to better target ads. Source; Shutterstock

Publicis develops big data-powered out-of-home ad for GSK

GLOBAL pharmaceutical giant GlaxoSmithKline’s (GSK) advertising agency Publicis Media has created an innovative digital ads product to help the company maximize its reach.

According to media, Publicis’ new platform developed for GSK is the UK’s first fully-automated digital out-of-home (OOH) ad-campaign for GSK’s anti-allergen drug Pirinase.

Publicis partnered with Posterscope, an adtech company, to create the product. Posterscope revealed that the campaign began earlier this month (and will go on till the end of August) and is fully programmatic, from planning through to purchase of out-of-home inventory.

Posterscope has worked with brands such as Mastercard and Ikea and said GSK’s campaign uses specific event-based triggers such as MET Pollen Data, location criteria, and spending parameters to (automatically) determine which ads will appear when and where.

Given the novelty of the platform, both GSK and Publicis seem proud.

“This flexible and fully automated approach will provide a guaranteed out of home presence for our Piri product range throughout the summer, but specifically in the moments when pollen levels reach their highest and customers are looking for hay fever relief,” said GSK Brand Manager James Carpenter.

What the platform essentially does is bring technology to the outdoors and increase the level of automation in the field of marketing.

Given all the talk about artificial intelligence, automation, and digital twins, the innovation by GSK and Publicis Media might not sound extraordinary on the surface, but on taking a closer look, it does indicate a shift towards more applications of technology to everyday advertising and marketing — at home and outdoors.

Creative marries digital in the age of transformation

Recently, Doing, June21, and Droga5 — award-winning advertising agencies have been bagged by leading technology consultancies such as Capgemini and Accenture.

Such news is becoming increasingly common as more technology consultancies target advertising agencies to augment their offering and provide a more intelligent portfolio of services to brands.

“The future of brand building is not just about creating great ideas; it’s about creating great experiences. […] Joining forces with Droga5 will be a game-changing milestone for us and the industry as we continue to assemble the right mix of capabilities for the modern-day marketer,” said Accenture Interactive Global CEO Brian Whipple.

Creatives, especially those in touch with their customer’s needs, understand this.

“The world of advertising is changing, and we are excited for this incredible opportunity with a company that will add more dimension to our best ideas and push us beyond our existing ambitions. The proposition we can bring to market with Accenture Interactive will transform the industry,” said Droga5 Founder and Creative Chairman David Droga.

For marketers, especially CMOs, this is a key trend that they must identify and understand.

Most brands need to understand using big data and artificial intelligence to maximize ad-spends is an option if they only think outside the box and look for collaborations and partnerships with businesses that can help them achieve their marketing objectives quickly and more effectively.