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Cisco unveils collaboration framework to accelerate Malaysia digitization agenda

As Malaysia continues to develop its digital infrastructure to remain competitive in the ASEAN region, the country launched the Malaysia Digital Economic Blueprint (MyDigital) earlier this year. MyDigital is aimed at fostering social inclusion and economic resilience through mass-scale digital transformation.

Since the initiative was launched, tech companies continue to work together with the Malaysian government to achieve the goals set. This includes improving the network infrastructure which is one of the priorities of the initiative as well.

As such, during the recent US-ASEAN Special Summit in Washington DC, Malaysia and Cisco unveiled a collaboration framework that aims in advancing the country’s national digitization agenda. Scope of collaboration includes partnering and leveraging expertise through Cisco’s Country Digital Acceleration (CDA) program, a long-term strategic partnership with government, industry, and academia to build inclusive communities through technology and innovation.

The collaboration was formalized at an official ceremony attended by Dato’ Sri Ismail Sabri Yaakob, Prime Minister of Malaysia as well as Guy Diedrich, Senior Vice President, and Global Innovation Officer at Cisco, and Dave West, President, Cisco Asia Pacific, Japan, and Greater China. The ceremony took place in Washington DC, coinciding with events around the US-ASEAN Special Summit hosted by United States President Joe Biden.

“The Fourth Industrial Revolution and the rapid advancement of digital transformation have highlighted the importance of digitalization in both the public and private sector. To fully leverage the potential of a digital future, all stakeholders must come together to drive the growth of the digital economy, including bridging the digital divide,” commented Fabian Bigar, Chief Executive Officer, My Digital Corporation.

Cisco’s CDA program in Malaysia will focus on four key pillars:

  • Digital transformation in the public sector,
  • Digital transformation in the industry, especially focusing on transformation and innovation in the energy and utilities sector,
  • Digital transformation in small and medium-sized businesses, and
  • Digital transformation in the service provider sector, focusing on 5G innovation.

Through these strategic pillars, the CDA program will leverage strong collaboration across industry partners, academia, and government leadership to foster sustainable communities and resilient economies through innovation and digital solutions.

“Our CDA program uniquely positions Cisco and our partners to be the bridge between a country’s digital ambitions and the benefits of a digital future. The model is based on high degrees of trust and deep engagement across ecosystem partners in the public and private sectors,” said Guy Diedrich, Senior Vice President, and Global Innovation Officer at Cisco.

Built on a long-term strategic partnership with government, industry, and academia, the program aims to build sustainable, secure, and inclusive communities powered by innovative technology solutions.

Apart from the CDA program, the Cisco Networking Academy, a global IT and cybersecurity education program that partners with learning institutions to empower all people with career opportunities, has been running in Malaysia for more than 20 years. The program helps to address the shortage of IT-skilled workers by preparing students ahead for industry-recognized certification and future careers in the technology front.

Currently, Cisco is working with national, state, and local governments in 44 countries around the world, with over 1,200 active or completed projects worldwide to accelerate their national digitization agendas, co-develop cutting-edge solutions, and deliver beneficial services to their citizens more effectively. Cisco’s CDA programs have supported the creation of net-new jobs, GDP growth, and helped nurture innovation ecosystems.