Curtis Lim, Malaysia Country Manager, Electrical Sector of Eaton

Curtis Lim, Malaysia Country Manager for Eaton’s Electrical Sector says businesses should take proactive measures to fail-safe their operations from electrical outages. Source: Eaton

Keep your business running in a blackout

BLACKOUTS give everyone minor heart attacks. You’d probably be a little panicked you couldn’t charge your mobile device; for a business, power failures can be catastrophic.

From halts in manufacturing processes, to impacts on servers and network; power failures will cost businesses.

Just last year, British Airways had to issue an apology to 75,000 passengers following damage to its servers resulting from a power outage.

Power management company Eaton is preventing businesses from being disrupted by blackouts. It provides power management systems that focus on reliability, efficiency, and safety to keep business operations going.

Curtis Lim, Malaysia Country Manager for Eaton’s Electrical Sector, advised that companies take proactive measures to fail-safe their operations from electrical outages.

“Power ensures manufacturing output, continuous data connectivity and uninterrupted operations across departments,” he said. “Situations like these can be prevented with backup power systems and electrical circuit protection.”

Especially in industries like manufacturing and aviation, constant connection to power is important.

The manufacturing industry alone recorded RM68.5 billion (about US$17.2 billion) worth of sales in just the month of March 2018. That’s nearly RM1.6 million (about US$ 400,000) a minute. Imagine if the power went out for an hour.

Keep it flying

When AirAsia expanded its operations to Thailand in 2004, it was facing constant power issues. Lim explained that the country’s power supply to provincial airports was unstable.

The aviation industry relies heavily on a clean power supply, especially when managing power for sensitive networking equipment. Reliable IT systems would need a robust power supply to back it up.

Today, all Thai AirAsia’s hubs have installed uninterrupted power supply (UPS) solutions to create an effective networking system.

Keeping the cloud running

In the digital age, every business will have a certain amount of presence in the cloud. With the rise of big data and analytics, data centers play an even more integral role in providing businesses with real-time insights.

This means more and more businesses will be relying on data center providers, and power failure is not an option.

Power disruptions not only interfere with workloads, it could also harm data center equipment. Data centers must be equipped with power redundancies to maintain business continuity and prevent downtime.