(Source – TM)

TM’s Credence to empower organization’s digital capabilities

Despite digital transformation being accelerated by the pandemic, many businesses are still only in the early stages of embracing their full digital capabilities. In fact, most businesses only opted to transform their business due to the pandemic to ensure business continuity.

As such, there are still many areas in an organization that needs to be transformed to ensure they are able to remain competitive and productive. However, in countries like Malaysia, a lot of businesses, from large enterprises to SMEs are still unsure of how much they need to transform.

This is why Credence, a new cloud and digital services company by Telekom Malaysia Berhad (TM) comes in. Credence aims to enhance the capacities of businesses and the public sector in their journey toward digital transformation.

Through Credence, TM will provide a unique advantage in the delivery of end-to-end digital solutions and services to customers. By comprehending the needs and constraints of regional customers, Credence will be able to deliver higher and quicker time-to-value by utilizing both local and foreign technologies as well as knowledge.

According to Imri Mokhtar, Group Chief Executive Officer for TM, the long-term goal is to accelerate growth and create considerable value for both consumers and stakeholders by entering the market for digital services.

“We recognize that now is an opportune time to leverage on our strengths, address market needs and launch a dedicated company – Credence – that is focused on technology and digital innovation,” said Mokhtar.

For Krish Datta, CEO of Credence, the service provider will offer capabilities ranging from tech infrastructure to business insights, IT landscape migration, cloud advisory, managed services as well as analytics and insights.

“Credence aims to deliver an outstanding experience for our customers. We are the only company that is able to offer our customers the full end-to-end solutions from infrastructure to insights (I2I),” commented Datta.

Credence also has significant partnerships with VMware, AWS, and Huawei, enabling them to provide businesses with a wide selection of alternatives that are tailored to their particular growth requirements.

“Malaysia’s digital-first approach is enabling massive transformation and opportunity for businesses in the country. VMware is working with Credence to help enterprises in regulated industries, and companies in the e-commerce and energy sectors to meet their unique cloud and data sovereignty requirements within Malaysian borders,” explained Ajay Turki, Director Cloud Sales, Southeast Asia & Korea, VMware.

Digital skills are now seen as being crucial for the modern workforce due to the rapid and pervasive digitalization that has changed the nature of work. To work with new technologies and keep up with the rapid changes in technology, employees require digital skills.

“We hope to nurture a pipeline of next-generation tech and digital talents and equip Malaysians for a digital future by upskilling them with digital capabilities and providing them access to the right data and tools. This will not only benefit organizations but our collective progress as a nation, solidifying our Digital Malaysia aspirations,” highlighted Mokhtar.