Innovative Technologies

Innovative Technologies

Innovative technologies at NEC’s Customer Experience Center

  • NEC introduces advanced biometrics technology and solutions for Digital IDs at the NEC Customer Experience Center.
  • Malaysia’s digital market is projected to reach US$19 billion by 2025.

Globally, there has already been a significant shift in how businesses create and present their offerings and interact with their customers. But the COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated this further by introducing innovative technologies, which has forced more individuals to adapt to and implement the digital-first initiative, particularly in Malaysia.

According to the “e-Conomy SEA 2021: Roaring 20s — The SEA Digital Decade” report by Google Inc, Temasek Holdings Ltd, and Bain & Co., Malaysia’s rapid adoption of digital technology was fuelled by a 68% increase in e-commerce, which helped the country’s digital market grow from US$14 billion to US$21 billion in 2021 and is projected to reach US$19 billion by 2025.

With Malaysia’s growing adoption of digital technology, the country is witnessing unprecedented opportunities for people to realize their full potential and for businesses to increase growth and efficiency. NEC Corporation of Malaysia (NEC Malaysia), the leading IT and network technology provider, is aware of this and has taken this to the next level for Malaysians.

At the NEC Customer Experience Center in Mid Valley City, the company recently unveiled its latest innovations in advanced biometrics technology and solutions for Digital IDs. In vendor testing conducted by the US National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), NEC’s biometric identification technology repeatedly ranked No. 1 for the precision of their facial recognition technology.

NEC presents a collection of innovative technologies

The biometric authentication technology from NEC provides businesses from various industries with quick, reliable identity verification solutions as well as urban infrastructure surveillance. Additionally, it provides multimodal biometrics that combines various authentication techniques, including voice, face, and iris identification, as well as finger, palm, and ear acoustic authentication, to best suit the needs of various customers and usage scenarios.

Sharon Teh Fernandez, Head of Marketing & Corporate Communications presents the innovative technologies at the NEC's CEC.

Sharon Teh Fernandez, Head of Marketing & Corporate Communications presents the innovative technologies at the NEC’s CEC.

“Our world-leading technologies in biometrics enable organizations to develop new services and people-friendly applications for fast and accurate identification and verification that meets the need for convenience as well as safety and security,” said Chong Kai Wooi, Managing Director of NEC Malaysia.

He added that the use of fast, accurate, and secure biometrics technology is also essential for achieving Malaysia’s National Digital ID goals of increasing administrative service efficiency and giving all Malaysians more security and convenience.

Facility Management with Biometrics and Al

Through the use of facial recognition technology and Al Analytics, NEC’s Smart Facility Solutions enable public and commercial facilities to recognize the faces of visitors who have registered digitally at the building.

This ensures easy access to the building and its facilities, eliminating waiting in lines. Furthermore, it recognizes unknown visitors inside the building and promptly warns security.

Retail with loT and Biometrics

The NEC Smart Retail Store concept adds to the trend of unmanned retail stores driven by sensor and loT technologies. Retailers may leverage this idea to redefine convenience for their customers and remain ahead of the competition by providing consenting customers with a touchless automated, personalized, and purchasing experience.

Customers’ facial data can be captured by cameras using biometrics technology as they enter a store, potentially allowing retailers to recognize them as registered profiles. Customers can then take whatever things they want to buy from the shelf after being recognized. The sensors will identify every item removed from the shelf, subtract it from the store’s inventory, and record it in the payment kiosk.

Additionally, it has an electronic price label feature that enables retailers to automatically modify the prices of their items across outlets, saving them money and time, and allowing them to be more flexible with their pricing strategy.

“NEC is committed to developing opportunities in AI, IoT, and big data analytics. With AI and IoT, organizations can better understand their current operation decision and make improvements as required – streamlining processes and increasing overall efficiencies,” said Chong.

Having said that, Chong also said in his final statement that “Our NEC Malaysia Customer Experience Center aims to provide local organizations in Malaysia with a deeper understanding of adopting digital technologies – digitalize their organization and business and ultimately contribute to our nation’s digital economy and allowing them to experience it first-hand in person in our CEC.”