Engineers operate better with in-depth data analysis. Source: Shutterstock

Engineers operate better with in-depth data analysis. Source: Shutterstock

Maxis CTIO: Cloud-based tools help engineers with better data analysis

THE CALL for businesses to “get on the cloud” is ringing louder than ever. Resonating with the current wave to transform digitally, moving to the cloud is key to long term business sustainability.

The cloud is a powerhouse – among other technologies – as it offers a range of solutions for enterprises of all sizes. Asian countries are in the race to leverage cloud-based solutions in their operations.

Maxis, one of Malaysia’s leading telcos, said it’s doing extensive work with cloud-based solutions to transform their business and prepare it for the digital-first era.

This and more was revealed during a recent panel discussion at a Google Cloud conference in Kuala Lumpur. Maxis CTIO Morten Bangsgaard, REA Group CTO Shen Tham, and Google Cloud Regional Director Tim Synan, as members of the panel, discussed the progression and employment of cloud services in Malaysia.

Bangsgaard made it clear that the brand benefits from the cloud, and hence, is using the technology to transform its operations.

Speaking to the media, the CTIO highlighted that his engineers are optimizing data analysis tools offered by the cloud to make sense of available resources and information. The brand believes the cloud will help take operations to new heights – but understand they need “data comprehension” in order to achieve what they’ve set out to do.

On that note, understanding data has become an increasingly valuable and critical skill for the brand.

By getting on the cloud, Maxis engineers are able to generate insights, prompting new possibilities and futuristic ideas. Then, the team works on using the analysis to create a better user experience, particularly on their mobile application.

It is also evident that the brand celebrates talent and consistently looks for valuable additions. In fact, the CTIO sees it as a positive outcome for the company as cloud service engineers and other developers work intensively, collaboratively, resulting in shared knowledge and added skills.

Additionally, Bangsgaard cited the employment of the technology to “optimize the demand in field force application.”

On the other hand, the brand has experimented with the technology to power drones in order to get better images of their tower, making maintenance simpler, quicker, safer, and more cost-effective.

The way Bangsgaard sees it, turning to the cloud has shifted the paradigms of the brand’s work culture.

Maxis is encouraging employees to bring their ideas forward. If deemed suitable, the brand will provide the necessary support, revealed Bangsgaard, who believes it fosters a strong two-way relationship with staff.

At the heart of its digitalization efforts is the empowerment of talents as well as enhanced user experience. The company is making use of data to improve itself as a brand and lead the way for other telcos.

Success with the cloud might be just around the corner, however, in this fast-paced digital-first world, the brand must remain vigilant about challenges that come with leveraging any kind of technology.