Looking to untangle your software lisences? Meet Palisade Compliance. Image for representative purposes only. Source: Shutterstock

Looking to untangle your software lisences? Meet Palisade Compliance. Image for representative purposes only. Source: Shutterstock

Palisade Compliance to share software cost-optimization strategies next month

AS ORGANIZATIONS look to digitally transform their businesses, they find that software licenses they acquired over the past decade or so don’t serve their requirements very well.

While new-gen software vendors, especially those offering services as a service in the cloud, pride themselves on providing transparency and portability, and aim to serve as a partner to their clients on their digital transformation journeys, some traditional vendors with large market shares don’t seem to be following the trend.

Oracle, for example, has a great set of business software and tools that organizations bought into more than a decade ago in many cases. However, over time, the relationship hasn’t progressed with mutual trust.

Oracle’s software licensing is complicated which is why client organizations often, unwittingly, find themselves in breach of contract, tend to be “audited by Oracle”, and slapped with hefty fines that not only seem offensive but also put digital transformation efforts off-course as IT budgets vaporize.

Palisade Compliance, a company founded by former Oracle VPs and licensing specialists each averaging ten years of experience, helps companies — as a reliable third party —untangle their software license agreements, review their implementations and deployments of the software vendor’s suite of products, find breaches, if any, and help bridge gaps in the right way, before an official audit is ordered or a fine is demanded.

Since moving away from Oracle’s suite of solutions isn’t easy for most companies, having invested in not only customizing the software to suit the organization’s processes but also in providing plenty of (and often expensive) training to staff across departments, the best alternative is to work with companies such as Palisade Compliance to ensure their IT agenda moves in the right direction in the most cost-effective manner.

Overall, as organizations accelerate their journey to digital with an aim to delight customers with exceptional experiences, being bogged down by complex software licensing challenges and resulting costs isn’t ideal.

Proactively managing this is key to ensuring organizations stay on track and focus on what’s important to their own customers as they scale the digital maturity curve.

Unlike third-party licensing and/or partner organizations that are affiliated to Oracle, and therefore obliged to report violations discovered in audits, Palisade Compliance is an independent body and, therefore, is able to carry out audits, and indeed all their other services focusing on compliance and cost-optimization, with confidentiality.

Palisade Compliance’s executives will be attending the Gartner IT Symposium in Gold Coast, Australia at the end of next month where they will be sharing strategies with the audience to help them optimize costs when it comes to managing software licenses — with Oracle as well as other IT vendors.

The company has been in operation for almost a decade now and with more than 70 client testimonials and a Net Promoter Score of 90, they’re surely delighting companies on their digital transformation journeys.

IT managers and leaders grappling with software licensing challenges and costs, especially with IT majors such as Oracle should definitely engage in a one on one conversation with Palisade at Gartner, or with the company online, even if they can’t make a trip to the sunny Gold Coast to attend.